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Before and after photos of a neck lift, revealing a smoother, more defined neckline.

Neck Lift

A surgical neck lift, also known as a lower rhytidectomy, is a highly effective procedure often performed alongside a facelift, significantly improving visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck regions.

Under general anaesthesia, our skilled surgeon will create discreet incisions at the hairline by the sideburns, extending around the ears and down towards the back of the hairline.

During the neck lift, our surgeon will meticulously redistribute fat from the neck and jowl areas, while also addressing the platysma muscle to achieve a more defined and youthful neck contour. To enhance the chin area, a small incision may be made to perform liposuction, followed by tightening and repairing the underlying muscle. The skin is then repositioned and lifted into place, with any excess skin trimmed away, before using stitches or skin glue to close the incisions.

After the procedure, bruising and swelling will gradually subside over approximately four weeks, revealing your rejuvenated and rested appearance. Any scarring from the incisions will be minor and carefully concealed within the hairline or natural folds of the ears, ensuring discreet and well-hidden results.

Our goal with the surgical neck lift is to provide you with natural and long-lasting results, restoring a more youthful and defined neck contour that harmonises beautifully with your facial aesthetics. If you're considering a neck lift, our experienced team is committed to guiding you through the process, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your transformative journey. Embrace a more confident and revitalised version of yourself with our surgical neck lift!

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