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Before and after images of cosmetic surgery, displaying transformative enhancements and rejuvenated appearance.


Experience the transformative power of liposuction, the rapid and highly effective method to bid farewell to unwanted body fat, unveiling a sculpted physique that lasts. Your journey begins with thorough consultations with our skilled surgeons, setting the stage for your transformation.

The surgical process kicks off with precise markings on the specific areas you desire for fat removal. Under the care of our experienced surgeons and either general anesthesia or an epidural for lower body areas, these marked regions receive an injection of a specialised solution. This solution contains anesthetic medicine, effectively minimising blood loss, bruising, and swelling.

Next, utilising advanced techniques like high-frequency vibrations, a delicate laser pulse, or a high-pressure water jet, the fat cells are gently broken apart. Small incisions follow, allowing for the insertion of a suction tube connected to a vacuum machine. This tube effectively extracts the loosened fat, leaving you with a more sculpted, defined appearance. Post-fat removal, a meticulous drainage process is performed, followed by sutures and bandages.

The procedure typically lasts around 3 hours, with the option to spend one night in the hospital for observation. Throughout your recovery, compression bandages play a key role in reducing swelling, a phase that may persist for several weeks. The full-body contour transformation gradually unfolds over 4 to 6 weeks, unveiling a confident, sculpted silhouette.

Rest assured, our experienced team is committed to delivering personalised care, guiding you through every step of the liposuction process. Your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are our top priorities. Embrace the new you, refined and proportionate, with the remarkable benefits of surgical liposuction.

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