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Before and after photos of breast surgery, illustrating enhanced contour and symmetry.

Breast Implants
and Lift

Imagine a more confident, balanced, and symmetrical you with breast implants combined with a breast lift, a transformative procedure known as augmentation mastopexy.

Your journey commences with a virtual consultation alongside our esteemed surgeons, where your aspirations and preferences are at the forefront. Together, you'll select the most suitable breast implant type to align with your goals. Additionally, you'll discuss the optimal placement of the implant - behind the chest muscle or between your breast tissue and chest muscle. This decision significantly influences the final look and feel of your breasts.

The surgical process initiates with a small incision, thoughtfully placed either next to or below the breast. Through this incision, our skilled surgeon artfully positions the breast implant. Post-implant placement, your breast tissue is meticulously adjusted around the implant, and the incision is carefully sutured and dressed to facilitate a smooth healing process.

With a typical duration of one to one and a half hours, the surgery is surprisingly quick. Over the next few weeks, during your recovery period, you'll begin to experience gradual improvements. As time passes, real and noticeable results will emerge, unveiling a more symmetrical, youthful, and balanced breast appearance that harmonises with your vision of beauty.

With our highly skilled surgeons and personalised care, you can confidently embark on your transformative journey, achieving the beautiful and confident breasts you've always envisioned. Rediscover your self-assured self and embrace the beauty that is uniquely you.

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